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At Beehive Ceilings, we specialize in getting rid of ugly popcorn ceilings, forever! Beehive Ceilings replaces this outdated finish with a modern skip trowel texture. We are the highest-rated company in the valley for our industry and have completed 15,000+ ceilings since our founding in 2001.

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Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal Valley Wide

Jeff from Behive CeilingsBeehive Ceilings is your go-to source for popcorn ceiling removal Valley wide. Our specialty service removes existing residential acoustic ceiling texture and resurfaces the newly bare ceilings with a custom and contemporary look. Acoustic ceiling texture, or “popcorn” ceilings require the proper techniques to remove and replace. The process is fairly intrusive and disruptive to the home, as areas must be cordoned off and belongings protected. Most contractors attempt this work as one piece of their overall renovation of the home over a several-day period. Beehive Ceilings has perfected the process to begin and complete the entire removal in almost every single home in a one-day operation!

This one-day service minimizes disruption to the homeowner and is a major selling point for our company. Most clients request us to continue the project a few days later by providing sanding, sealing and high quality stain-blocking primer and a final top coat of paint on their newly retextured ceilings. This is also accomplished as a one-day process. Beehive Ceilings has already completed this service of removing popcorn ceilings Valley wide in more than 15,000 homes, and we are ready for 15,000 more. Contact us today for a professional, personalized quote and find out more about our services.

  • Why Choose Beehive Ceilings

    • We are locally-owned and -operated, established in 2001.
    • We have perfected popcorn removal to complete the process in just one day.
    • Our experts have removed more than 15,000 popcorn ceilings.
    • We offer free, personalized estimates.
    • We have the highest rating for our industry in the entire Valley.

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Save time, money and headache with Beehive Ceiling’s professional process that expertly removes your popcorn ceiling in just one day. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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