Thank you for your interest in Beehive Ceilings. We are a service oriented business that removes existing residential acoustic ceiling texture and then resurfaces the newly bare ceilings with a new custom and contemporary look of a new home. Acoustic ceiling texture is also referred to as "cottage cheese" or "popcorn" ceiling texture. Inherently this service is very intrusive and disruptive in nature to the homeowner. Some areas may need to be cordoned off, and furnishings must be protected in order to achieve a professional result, while protecting the contents of your home. Unlike most contractors that attempt this type of work as an ancillary project incidental to other renovations over a several day period, we have specialized in this niche market and have perfected our ability to begin and complete the entire removal and retexture process in almost every single home in a one day operation.

This one day service minimizes the disruption to the homeowner and is a major selling point for our company. The majority of the time we are requested to continue the project a few days later, by providing sanding, sealing with a high quality stain blocking primer with mildicide properties and a final top coat of paint on these newly retextured ceilings. This is accomplished at a later date and is also a one day process. Our company was started in Arizona in 2001 and has perfected the technique that allows for this one day process. Beehive Ceilings has already performed this valuable service to over 12,500 homes in the Phoenix/Mesa area with over one million more homes to go. Obviously our commitment to this area is long term.



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