Popcorn Ceiling Facts

Most homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to their ceilings until there is a problem. One “problem” could be that their ceilings are old, outdated and dingy. This is often the case with popcorn ceilings Valley wide. Homeowners are ready to rid their rooms of these outdated ceilings and enjoy a clean, contemporary look.

If you’re considering ceiling renovations in Valley wide, you should have all the facts. Following are a few tidbits homeowners find helpful as they review their options.

Popcorn ceiling removal

  • Over one million homes Valley wide have popcorn ceilings.
  • The popcorn ceiling finish was used for 40 years as a standard finish in homes.
  • Popcorn ceilings were popular with home builders because it was quick, and they didn’t have to do as thorough a job prepping the sheetrock.
  • Before the remove-and-replace technology came along, the only alternative was to paint over the popcorn texture. But, this didn’t rid the ceiling of the popcorn look.
  • Popcorn ceilings attract dust and generate debris when cleaned. Their style makes them a treasure trove for dust mites and a significant source of allergens. Professionally removing these ceilings helps reduce dust and dust mite occurrence and provides a cleaner, fresher environment.
  • Homeowners who attempt to remove popcorn ceilings Valley wide on their own find it can take weeks to months to complete the project.
  • Using streamlined methods perfected by professionals, Beehive Ceilings can complete popcorn ceiling renovations Valley wide in just one day.
  • When homeowners complete popcorn ceiling removal Valley wide, they typically hire professionals to finish the final texturing and painting. They discover their prep work did not save time or money on this final process.
  • Beehive Ceilings is rated highest in the acoustic ceiling industry in the entire valley.
  • Beehive Ceilings offers free estimates for popcorn ceiling removal Valley wide. We can be reached at 480-888-1200.