Popcorn Ceiling Removal Valley Wide

Do you still have those old, dingy “popcorn” ceilings in your home? Would you prefer a fresh, contemporary look and feel? If so, you’re not alone. Beehive Ceilings has already removed 15,000 popcorn ceilings from homes Valley wide!

Every day, homeowners are turning to our specialized process to complete this project in just one day. Our streamlined methods for popcorn ceiling remodeling Valley wide offer several benefits:

Before and after ceiling

  • 99.72% done in a day: We have perfected the process so that nearly every home’s popcorn ceiling can be removed in a single day. This is a huge advantage to homeowners; whose lives suffer little disruption with such a brief project.
  • No dust, no mess: Acoustic popcorn ceiling removal Valley wide can be a very dirty process. Done as a DIY project, homeowners generate dust and debris that typically travels throughout the home. Our efficient team has determined the cleanest, quickest way to get this job done and leave your home spotless at the end of the day.
  • No moving furniture: Room renovations usually involve a lot of rearranging of your home to get the job done. Beehive Ceilings offers professional services that avoid this hassle. Our technique allows us to safely and cleanly work around your protected furniture. We remove your popcorn ceiling and leave everything else where it belongs.
  • Clean and safe: Our clients have told us they wouldn’t be able to tell we were in their home if it weren’t for the beautiful new ceiling. We are in and out in a day and leave your space spotless. Our methods remove all the dust and debris accumulated by your popcorn ceiling as well as the ceiling debris. You’ll enjoy cleaner, fresher air with your new, contemporary ceiling.
  • Ceiling renovation services: Beehive Ceilings provides texturing the same day as the popcorn ceiling removal. We also repair underlying seals and remove protruding nails. This is all accomplished in one day. Many clients ask us to return a few days later, once the texture is completely dry, to apply a stain-blocking primer and a final top coat of paint. This is also accomplished in just one day. If your ceiling requires any electrical repairs, we also complete this through Buzzz Electric services.

If you’re ready to get rid of your dingy popcorn ceilings, contact our experts today. Beehive Ceilings will send an estimator to your home to provide a free quote. Get started by calling us at 480-888-1200.