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Extreme home makeovers begin with ceilings

Do you still have those old dingy, dirty, ugly “popcorn” ceilings in your home? Do you want to give your home a completely fresh look and feel? Start your own extreme home makeover by getting rid of those old fashioned popcorn ceilings.

“It is easier than you think”, says Kent McClure founder and owner of Beehive Ceilings located in Mesa.

McClure points out that, “People respond to our ads for a variety of reasons, some want to get rid of the health issues with regard to allergies; for others it’s purely esthetics. They are tired of looking at a dirty, dark old ceiling.”

Methods and specialized tools developed in the early 80’s, which are exclusive to Beehive Ceilings, allow them to remove and replace that tired, old dingy popcorn ceiling; in most cases in just one day.

“I have never met a customer who liked their popcorn ceilings. I can’t believe homebuilders used the popcorn ceiling finish for 40 years” remarked McClure, whose market research places the number of homes in the valley with popcorn ceilings at one million.

Continuing his comments McClure states “The popcorn ceiling finish was popular with homebuilders because it was quick, and they didn’t have to do as thorough a job prepping the sheetrock.

“Our crews can come into your home and in one day, remove your old ugly ceiling texture and replace it with a cleaner and more contemporary ceiling. Customers love our work because they hate the popcorn ceilings. Customers complain, and rightfully so, that popcorn ceilings can not be cleaned effectively. When they attempt to clean them, the ceiling flakes and drops 'popcorn' all over the place,” said McClure.

The only real alternative before the remove-and-replace technology came along was to paint over the texture. But even with painting you still had the old fashioned popcorn look.

“The fact that we can remove and replace the ceilings in most homes in just one day is another part of the service that customers really like. Another great feature is that the cost is really much less than you would think.”

McClure further commented that he had one homeowner that called for an estimate and then decided to do the removal herself.

“Just the removal part of the process took her 6 months. Again, our crews are in and out of most homes in one day so the client experiences as little disruption in their home as possible”.

Recent Beehive Ceilings customers, the Austin’s of Scottsdale shared these comments with Kent:

“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I’d never have believed it could be done. Your crew arrived on time and every one of them worked very hard and with great care. I told them the “look” we wanted to achieve in the texturing – and the result was exactly what we had envisioned.”

“When they left after the job was finished, you’d have never known they had been here. The house looks the same as it had before they arrived, except for a magnificent new textured ceiling.”

So if you are ready to get started on your own extreme home makeover and get rid of those dingy ceilings, call Beehive Ceilings for an appointment. Beehive Ceilings will send one of their estimators to your home and give you a free estimate on removing and refinishing your old, ugly popcorn ceilings.

Get rid of those dingy, dirty, can’t clean ‘em popcorn ceilings and be the envy of all your neighbors!

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