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Complete Review of the Removal Process

The 'short' materials list. Only highest-grade eco-safe materials will do the job.


Plastic sheeting – You’re going to need plastic sheeting to cover your furniture, walls, and floors… and don’t buy that thin stuff. It will rip and tear as the popcorn falls onto it. You’re going to need enough to go from the ceiling clear along the walls, and down to the floor. It would be best if you double line it, so make sure that you buy enough.

Heavy-duty masking tape – You don’t want to buy cheap stuff that won’t hold up. Take our advice: AVOID the blue tape. It won’t even hold the plastic up, much less the popcorn when it falls!

Weed sprayer – You can get this at Home Depot or Lowes. You just need some kind of spray apparatus that you can fill with water to wet the ceiling.

Scraper – Almost any scraper will work fine. DO NOT buy the scraper with the bag on it. It’s a waste of money.

Mask – You won’t want to be breathing in the stuff you’ll be scraping off your ceilings.

Drywall knives – You’ll need 6-inch and 12-inch drywall knives when you start your repairs. We promise you there will be problems you’ll need to fix. First, the ones that the original contractor made (and then put up a popcorn ceiling to cover his mistakes). Secondly, the nicks and gouges you put in the ceiling while you were scraping.

All-purpose joint compound – A 48-pound box should be enough. Make sure it’s an all-purpose joint compound and not a topping mud, or patching mud.

Big garbage bags – When you’re finished scraping the popcorn, you’ll roll up the plastic on itself and stick it in large garbage bags to get it out of your house! We recommend a 6 mil thick large bag.

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